A powerful dual-action, organic acid based surfactant, mould inhibitor for grain preservation - 33% less usage on average per tonne.

MycoCURB ES Liquid was introduced to the Irish market in 1997 and has given grain processors an effective, commercially viable means of storing their grains

MycoCURB ES Liquidkills’ moulds on application and ‘inhibits’ mould growth during long term storage. It also inhibits mite growth. It’s high level of Surfactant improves adhesion and absorption into the grain.

  • Concentrated, dual-action formulation
  • High level of surfactant
  • Proven at up to 24% Moisture
  • Near neutral pH for safer handling
When to use?
  • At harvest time to treat green grain for long term storage
  • At any time for ‘Conditioning’ grain ahead of further processing
Product benefits
  • Lowest COST PER TONNE of grain treated
  • Safe for operators
  • Proven record – supported by 20 years of proprietary data
  • Full engineering and technical support

Adesco will support you throughout the storage period by visiting your store to record and report the temperature of the grain. Adesco also takes samples on a regular basis for analysis which will be an indicator of grain quality over time.

If you have any queries concerning the treatment and aeration of your grain or should you need any assistance in setting up a temperature monitoring / aeration procedure please do not hesitate to contact any of the Adesco Technical Support team.
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