MycroMill is a mixture of organic acids and their salts and includes high levels of surfactant mix, emulsifiers and humectants.

Used in the production of compound and course feeds the MycroMill range increases Mill Process Efficiency whilst maintaining Feed Preservation.

MycroMill was developed in 2012 by Adesco in conjunction with Waterford Institute of Technology’s PMBRC. Development of the MycroMill range was based on 15 years of experience with similar products. It was extensively evaluated in four Irish feed mills in March 2012.

  • Optimal active ingredient mix for increased Mill Process Efficiency
  • Dual-action formulation with enhanced feed preservation capacity
  • High level of surfactant and Emulsifier
  • Non corrosive classification
When to use?
  • MycroMill W is used in the winter period during processing. It is designed to meet process and feed preservation needs of feed mills under typical Irish winter conditions. Application level 300grams/10 litres water added.
  • MycroMill S is used in the summer period during processing and has increased preservation capability for higher temperatures and longer less predictable storage periods. Application level 400 – 500grams/10 litres water added.
Product benefits
  • Improved stock yield
  • Increased pelleting throughput
  • Reduced energy usage in pelleting
  • Physical quality and Nutritional performance maintained
  • Supported by locally generated data
  • Full engineering and technical support

If you have any queries concerning the Mill Process Efficiency programme do not hesitate to contact any of the Adesco Technical Support team.