MycoCURB ES (Feed)

A powerful dual-action organic acid based surfactant mould inhibitor for moisture optimization and preservation in feed.

MycoCURB ES Liquid (Feed) is formulated to give maximum levels of active ingredients including a high level of surfactant mix.

Following the introduction in 1997 of the Moisture Optimisation Programme MycoCURB ES Liquid (Feed) has been specifically developed to give optimal results in feed storage. It contains several ingredients that act synergistically to give a powerful mould inhibiting effect.

  • Concentrated, dual-action formulation
  • High level of surfactant
  • Near Neutral pH for safer handling
When to use?

MycoCURB ES Liquid (Feed) can be used by compounders in the summer period instead of MycroMill S for a number of reasons:

  • where most of the mill output is not pelleted;
  • for stock purposes where MycoCURB ES Liquid is on site for the Adesco Grain programmes
Product benefits
  • Improved stock yield
  • Increased throughput during the pelleting process
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Increased physical quality
  • Nutritional performance maintained
  • Supported by extensive data
  • Full engineering and technical support

If you have any queries concerning the Mill Process Efficiency programme do not hesitate to contact any of the Adesco Technical Support team.