Kem Wet Amp

A mixture of powerful surface-active agents with a special affinity for water based liquids reducing its surface tension.

Kem Wet Amp  is formulated to give maximum levels of active ingredients including a number of surfactants and a humectant.

Kem Wet Amp has been specifically developed to give optimal results in feed processing efficiency. It contains several ingredients that act synergistically to give a powerful tension active water solution for application in the feed manufacturing process

  • Concentrated formulation with low level application
  • High level of multiple surfactants and humectants
  • Near Neutral pH for safer handling
When to use?

Kem Wet Amp can be used by compounders :

  • where most of the mill output is pelleted;
  • where mill process efficiency is the priority
Product benefits
  • Improve stock yield
  • Increase throughput during the pelleting process
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Increase physical quality
  • Nutritional performance maintained
  • Full engineering and technical support

If you have any queries concerning the Mill Process Efficiency programme do not hesitate to contact any of the Adesco Technical Support team.