The Adesco Advantage Programme uses the power of real-time monitoring and analysis alongside ingredient application to transform mill performance whilst reducing carbon emissions

Realtime monitoring and analysis backed by the expert guidance of Adesco’s mill process team can help you achieve optimal mill process efficiency. With our proven track record in delivering major mill process performance programmes we can help you understand, measure and manage the factors that drive optimal mill process efficiency.

  • Detailed audit of process equipment
  • Complete examination of the milling process
  • Assessment of individual process efficiencies
  • Tracking of Key Performance Indicators
  • A review of operating procedures and work practices
  • Assess the impact of individual raw materials
  • Complete data sets and performance charts
  • Identification of areas of inefficiencies and recommendations to address them
  • Costs implications of areas of inefficiency
  • Action plan schedule for implementation
  • Ongoing progress review
  • The programme benchmarks your mill process performance across four key indicators on an ongoing basis
  • Optimise energy usage, product quality and increase overall saleable product per unit of input
  • Improve productivity through better understanding of your mill process
  • Access to guidelines and training to ensure continuous improvement