Organic Acid Treated Grain for Pigs

Our preservation program has consistently proven to protect feed quality, while optimising pig growth performance, improving feed efficiency & digestibility, and reducing the environmental impact across all stages of pig production.


Research Highlights

Watch a summary of key slides and insights from Prof. John O’Doherty’s recent research presentation on “Benefits of MycoCurb treated cereals in pig diets inc. Zinc oxide replacement” which demonstrates the effectiveness of organic acid treated grain in pig diets. Trial results are showing +10kg weight gain, +10% FCR and a 20% reduction in carbon footprint.

Trial results show the performance benefits

Organic Acid Treated Grain Delivers Significant improvements in performance, results and sustainability.

For more than 10 years of trials, in over 10,000 pigs, we’ve measured the impact of organic acid treated grain on health and performance in research and farm environments. The results clearly show that MycoCURB preserved grain consistently improved performance throughout all stages of production because it has a positive impact on gut health and the microbiome and increases feed digestibility. Pigs will perform better, be more efficient at converting feed to gain, and can finish faster.

Benefits of MycoCURB preserved grain

  • Superior Grain Quality
  • Faster to Finish
  • Improved feed Conversion
  • Assists zine Oxide Removal
  • Reduced Feed Costs
  • Lower Carbon Footprint

To better understand how MycoCURB reduces the carbon footprint of feed – check out our ACE calculator here.

Grain Quality Feeds Maximum Performance

The synergistic combination of powerful compounds and surfactants in Myco CURB® ES liquid protects against moulds and fungi. Lower mould counts decrease the risk of fungal growth and mycotoxin contamination and reduce the likelihood of spoilage during storage.