Adesco sponsored maize mill building in Malawi is complete

Adesco has been pleased to sponsor the equipment for a maize mill project in the village of Kaphuka, in the Dezde district of Malawi. We have been working with the excellent Cara Malawi organization over a period of 5 years, during this time Cara Malawi have transformed village life by undertaking a number of critical initiatives.

We are now delighted to announce that the Maize Mill which was officially built two years ago will soon have it’s equipment running thanks to the recent arrival of electricity in the village. This is another milestone towards self-sufficiency.

According to Christina Lynam of Cara Malawi

Cara Malawi has been working in Kaphuka for over 10 years. One project we desperately tried to achieve was the building,  electrification and the installation of the milling machines for this group of 15 villages.

Poverty remains one of the overriding issues that the villagers face every day and 95% of the day is spent trying to get enough food for the family. By having a maize mill it not only provides food but education and the possibility of medical help.  Children are most susceptible to hunger. Malnutrition effects intellectual and physical growth as well as the body’s immune system. Local self reliance for primary needs is of vital importance. The women and girls have to walk over 10 kilometers to the nearest maize mill.  The women have all come together and formed the Chandwe women’s group with over 560 active members to plea for the maize mill to be completed.

Cara Malawi paid for the electricity to come to the village but it took the authorities 4 years to complete. It is thanks to Adesco that the wiring for the mill has progressed and the milling machines are currently being built. I think it will be amazing to see the mill in operation – it will change the health, the prosperity and the future  of the whole community.