New online dashboard for SMARTmilling programme.

Sean O'Hare

Our new dynamic web-based cloud dashboard for the SMARTmilling programme is ready to go.  This is an important step in helping feed mills reduce the carbon footprint of their feed by tracking carbon savings and…

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Sustainable options for Protein in animal feed

John Ryan, Head of Research & Development

In the past, trends showed that animals were being fed high protein diets with excess being excreted as urinary and faecal nitrogen. This is costly both in monetary terms and environmentally. More recently the results…

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Mill Process Efficiency Update – June 2020

Seán O'Hare, Engineering & Sustainability Manager & Tom Burns, Technical Manager

The 2019/2020 winter & spring season was a busy one for our MPE programme members. After a slight slow down in mid-April demand has steadily increased again during May and remains high. With over 1,000,000…

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Why is grain conditioning important?

Tom Burns, Technical Manager and Jack O'Hare, Business Director It is estimated that 500,000 tonnes of grain (mainly Barley) is rolled for animal feeding in Ireland each year. As we head into another winter feeding…

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