Sustainable options for Protein in animal feed

John Ryan, Head of Research & Development

In the past, trends showed that animals were being fed high protein diets with excess being excreted as urinary and faecal nitrogen. This is costly both in monetary terms and environmentally. More recently the results…

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Interim Grain Harvest Report – Vol: 3 Issue: 2

Weeks 33-38 2014 Harvest 2014 completed: The 2014 harvest has been completed. Despite the broken weather pattern in August, the harvest progressed at a steady pace which facilitated the harvesting of grain at generally lower…

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Interim Grain Harvest Report – Vol:3 Issue:1

Weeks 28-32 2014 Winter Barley Harvest completed: With the Winter Barley harvest complete in all but a handful of locations, the harvest has been conducted in a period of very favourable weather and ground conditions…

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