World Record for Combines4Charity!

Congratulations to Combines4Charity who successfully regained the Guinness world record for the biggest number of combines harvesting grain in one field at the same time.

On Saturday 28 July 2012,  at Platin, Duleek, Co Meath, 211 combines congregated from all corners of Ireland to partake in the largest mass harvest of its kind ever seen. However, 3 of the participating combines blocked, bringing the final record-breaking total to 208, which was still enough to take the title back from Canada.

Combines4Charity is a fundraiser for four charities including Barnardos, Self Help Africa, The National Rehabilitation Trust and the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre. In 2009, the event raised over €300,000 for charity. Adesco was delighted to have the opportunity to provide sponsorship again this time and is proud to be associated with this excellent initiative. We have included an excellent video below which gives a real flavour of the event on the day. Enjoy!