Harvest Report 2021

Tom Burns

Harvest 2021 was one of the most difficult due to challenges with supply, transport, shipping and rising costs. Thankfully, we managed to supply all our customers’ requirements for MycoCURB ES Liquid (whilst keeping prices at 2020 level) which we felt was essential given the loyalty of our customers over the last 25 years.

During Harvest 2021, we took samples of barley at different stages

  • Green Barley – off the combine
  • MycoCURB ES Treated Barley – in store
  • Dried Barley – in store

The results are summarised in the table below.

Grain Moisture

At an average of 16.4%, grain was 2% drier than most other “normal” years.

Total Mould Count (TMC)

Total Mould Counts for Green Barley were slightly lower than average and following treatment with MycoCURB ES the mould counts were reduced to ensure safe storage through the winter and into next summer. The residual effect of MycoCURB ES in the grain prevents mould counts from increasing once stored and aerated properly.

The results for Dried Barley are higher than ideal. This indicates that to ensure good mould kill, the moisture content needs to be brought below 14%. Good store management will be essential over the coming months to ensure mould counts do not increase.

In summary, the cleanest grain is the MycoCURB treated grain. Without treatment, the key risk is that a higher mould count can result in mycotoxin production. We will be monitoring this over the coming months.