Upgrade grain and mill liquid application systems now to avoid future issues

The technology driving the application of liquids to feed and grain has advanced greatly since our first liquid application systems were installed in 1997.

Those first installations were very simple – nothing more than a dosing pump, distribution piece an nozzles.
As systems improved PLC control panels and digital key pads (OP3 screens) were introduced allowing complete process control integration.

The PLC and OP3 screen are now obsolete and though still functioning they need to be upgraded to avoid issues when/if the PLC or OP3 screen fails. Upgrading offers an opportunity to enhance process management by improving application control.

Adesco offers three options to upgrade your system:

  1. Replacement of OP3 Control Panel
  2. iM3S (Integrated Mill Moisture Management System)
  3. iBox

To discuss which option suits you best to upgrade your Mill Process Efficiency and Grain Management Liquid Application Systems contact Tom Burns